Fertipil Plus PCOS Faq

WILL THIS PRODUCT HELP ME CONCIEVE A BOY/GIRL? Fertipil Plus-PCOS increases your chances of falling pregnant. It does not increase chances of having a boy, girl or twins. CAN I USE FERTIVOR AND PCOS TOGETHER? Yes you can. The 2 products compliment each other. CAN I USE THIS IF I HAVE MENOPAUSE? Unless you have…

Fertipil Plus PCOS Studies

It is essential for the reader to fully acquaint herself with the workings of the ingredients as well as the studies conducted as per the references inserted. Each ingredient contained in this product has been included after ample research was done to identify the most suited manner in which to assist in the treatment of…

Fertipil Plus PCOS Reviews

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Fertipil Plus PCOS Ingredients

FERTIPIL PLUS PCOS SACHETS 60’S ACTIVES MYO-INOSITOL 2000mg D-CHIRO-INOSITOL 50mg ALPHA LIPOIC ACID 100mg FOLIC ACID (VITAMIN B9) 250mcg   Dosage and Directions for use: Take 1 sachet in the morning and 1 sachet during the late afternoon or at night with 250ml of water   Click here for packet insert.

Fertipil Plus PCOS

Fertipil Plus PCOS is a scientifically designed product which focusses on assisting women in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome, better known as PCOS.