LungShield Capsules

LungShield© Capsules

Helps to manage oxidative stress which causes inflammation and infections.

LungShield© Capsules:

– Smoker’s lungs – Pollution exposure – COPD – Asthma – Athletes – Respiratory tract infections
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LungShield Syrup

LungShield© Syrup for Kids

Developed to promote healthy lungs in children.

LungShield© Syrup for Kids provides support for:

- Respiratory tract infections - Asthma - Daily Immune Support
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LungShield© Immune+

Has been formulated with quality, clinically studied ingredients that naturally boost your immune system.

LungShield© Immune+ provides support for:

- Reduces inflammation - Supports protein and DNA synthesis - Support overall immune system - Support brain and nervous system health - Supports bone and gastrointestinal health - Reduces oxidative stress caused by harmful free radicals - Supports lung function and cardiovascular health - Boost energy levels - Assist in the treatment and prevention of seasonal colds and flu’s due to antibacterial and antioxidative properties
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