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Fertipil Plus for Men FAQs


How long must I take Fertipil before I can expect results?

  • We recommend that men take Fertipil Plus as a daily multivitamin to stay healthy and improve overall sexual wellness.
  • If you are however specifically planning to have a baby with your partner, we recommend you take it for at least 6-12 months.
  • If after that your partner has not fallen pregnant, we suggest you consult a medical doctor.

Should my partner stop using Fertipil for Women when pregnancy is confirmed?

  • Yes, once you have confirmed that your partner is pregnant, make sure that your partner ceases to take Fertipil for Women and that she takes Pregnapil Plus instead. Fertipil Plus was designed specifically to boost Fertility in order to get pregnant whereas Pregnapil Plus was designed to act as a multivitamin during pregnancy.
  • Pregnapil Plus has been specifically designed as a multivitamin catering for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

What are the dangers and side-effects of Fertipil?

  • The good news is, because Fertipil is an all-natural supplement there are no dangers associated with consuming Fertipil apart from when you are allergic to any of the ingredients contained in Fertipil so be sure to have a look at the ingredients.

Is there a similar product that my partner can take?

  • Yes, Fertipil Plus for Women was designed with the intent to boost fertility in women.

Must I also stop using Fertipil for Men when my partner gets pregnant?

  • No you don’t have to. Fertipil Plus for Men also acts as a multivitamin and contains a number of nutrients which men need in their day to day intake. Also it contains Siberian Ginseng which has been proven to boost libido levels in men.

How many Capsules must I take?

  • We recommend taking 1 capsule per day with meals if you are planning a family, but in the event that you need an extra fertility boost you can take 1 capsule 3 times a day with meals.

Do I need a prescription from a Doctor to buy Fertipil Plus for Women?

  • No, Fertipil Plus is an all-natural supplement and can be purchased over the counter.

Where can I buy Fertipil Plus for Men?

  • Fertipil Plus is for sale without a prescription at: Dis-Chem, Medirite, Clicks, Local Choice, Alphapharm or your nearest pharmacy.
  • If your pharmacy does not stock Fertipil Plus you can ask them to order for you, it does not take longer than a day to arrive.